The Florida Department of Health’s Bureau of Chronic Disease Prevention (FDOH) and HealthARCH have partnered to create a statewide learning and improvement collaborative. The collaborative aims to increase the performance of practices in managing Hypertension, Cholesterol, Diabetes (including pre-diabetes) and physician quality through improved clinical processes, increased use of clinical quality measurement and the implementation of evidence-based intervention referral systems. Participating organizations will receive education and in-depth technical assistance to operationalize best practices that enable providers to more effectively deliver better care and achieve improved outcomes. Please visit our program page for more information on the program including free webinars and other resources.



The ONC Regional Extension Center program ended in September 2016 and the UCF Regional Extension Center has been rebranded as HealthARCH.  Same mission, same staff of experienced consulting professionals and same great service.  Our focus is on you, the provider, and your continued success in the evolving healthcare marketplace.  We Are Your Healthcare Solutions Partner.



MIPS is now in its fourth year.  Are you participating? 

Know Your Numbers – Get your estimated MIPS score!

Are you taking advantage of MACRA by managing your performance and submitting annually to CMS?  The HealthARCH consulting team can provide tailored services that maximize your score.  Our year long compliance monitoring support will help keep your practice on track.  Call us today to find out more.


Visit our MACRA page to learn more about the CMS Quality Payment Program (QPP), MIPS and APMs and how you can position your practice for success in 2020 and beyond.





As the healthcare industry moves from volume-based to a value-based quality payment model, the demand for more efficient care and better patient outcomes requires leveraging the use of health information technology (HIT). HIT provides the foundation for a modernized, interconnected, and improved system of care that is in alignment with the Triple Aim of Healthcare Reform to improve the quality of care, population health and reduce costs.


We assist healthcare providers create a solid operational infrastructure to thrive in rapidly evolving healthcare delivery models. Our integrated healthcare transformation and Health IT-based services focus on the clinical and administrative management needs of independent provider practices and other healthcare organizations.


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